How to Contact BBC

You might need to get in touch with this BBC phone number if you are looking to reuse part of a programme, or for assistance with services such as the iPlayer. You might have a complaint about a recent broadcast, or have information that you want to pass on to BBC News or another show.

BBC customer service can also come to the rescue if you’re looking to appear on a programme or want to apply to be an audience member. In some cases, where shows are produce externally of the BBC, you might be told to ring another company.

This BBC contact number is the perfect place to offer feedback and ask questions. From autographs of your favourite stars to questions about when a beloved TV series is going to be returning to your screen, there’s very little their team won’t be able to assist with.

Things have changed dramatically in the media landscape since the BBC first took to the airwaves back in 1922. Now, as well as dozens of radio stations and TV channels, the public broadcaster is investing heavily in its online offering.