How to Contact Barnet Council

In busy North London, it is often quicker and easier to get a direct response to your query over the phone rather than wait for a callback or email response.

The Barnet Council customer service number is available for when you need to report problems in the area that need attention. By calling the Barnet Council contact number, you can clearly state the issue and its location. This can include problems such as illegal rubbish dumping, faulty street lights, damaged roads and path, antisocial behaviour and anything else that may publicly affect the quality of living.

If you need more information about a particular service provided by the Council, such as libraries, housings, waste collections or schools, call the Barnet Council phone number. You can stay up to date with council activities by enquiring about certain constructions or planning projects you see happening in the area.

There are certain payments you can make online through the Barnet Council website, but for any issues or disputes related to them, speak to the customer service team.