How to Contact Barclays

You’ll be able to depend on this Barclays phone number for assistance in making the most of dozens of the banking giant’s services.

Whether you need to discuss matters relating to your current account, want help making the most out of your savings, or require assistance to solve issues with a Barclaycard, the team manning the Barclays contact number will leap into action.

The main benefit of calling the Barclays team is how you’ll be able to get answers to customer enquiries at a time that’s convenient for you. Unfortunately, many banking branches on the high street are only open during business hours – making it impossible for those of us who work in an office to pop in.

You could try visiting at lunchtimes or during the shorter opening hours offered on Saturdays, but many banks can end up becoming prohibitively busy because many other customers will have the same idea.

As well as being able to connect you to Barclays customer service, our website has numbers for other major banks and financial companies. So: whether you need PayPal or NatWest, RBS or Halifax, use the search bar on this page now to save yourself time and energy.