How to Contact Atlas Editions

You can contact Atlas Editions by email, the company website or post. If you call the Atlas Editions customer service number, however, you will be able to get a response straightaway rather than wait for one via the other channels.

You can place orders online, but if you have any trouble completing the online order, call the Atlas Editions customer service team for assistance.

As all products are delivered to your specified address, if you have any issues with delivery or the products that have been received, use the Atlas Editions contact number to speak to someone about a resolution. This could include issues such as item damages, missing products or missed deliveries. You could even call the team to get an update on a pending delivery if you are still waiting for it beyond the specified timeframe.

Other matters you could contact Atlas Editions about include checking the status of your payments, determining outstanding amounts on your account, technical issues relating to your account or reactivating a collection that has been cancelled.