How to Contact Allianz

Customers may need to speak to an Allianz customer service team member for assistance in selecting a suitable insurance policy tailored to their unique circumstances. A friendly Allianz team member will be happy to explain the differences between various policies and their associated terms and conditions.

Another common reason for customers to call the Allianz contact number is to file a claim for their policy over the phone. By speaking directly with a customer service personnel, customers will be able to receive personal advice and help regarding their current situation.

Customers should also have the Allianz phone number at hand when travelling, as they may need to speak with an Allianz team member regarding any accident or medical issues they face overseas. This will provide some peace of mind for travellers in that they know what costs will be covered by Allianz. It also avoids any nasty surprises when customers try to make a claim after arriving back to their home country.