How to Contact Affinity Water

Although the Affinity Water website provides useful advice for issues commonly faced by customers, customers may wish to speak to a member of the Affinity Water customer service team if they are unable to go online, or if they do not find what they need on the company’s website.

Possible reasons for customers to call the Affinity Water team include issues with paying bills or setting up direct debit payments, changes of address, or sewerage or drainage related emergencies. By calling the Affinity Water customer service number, a friendly team member will be able to assist in providing valuable advice and solutions. In the event of an emergency, customers can also enjoy the peace of mind of speaking directly to a knowledgeable team member at Affinity Water.

Other reasons for calling the Affinity Water phone number could include enquiring about the company’s tariff and charges, and finding out more about planned works.

Builders and developers may also need to call the Affinity Water team to apply for and manage new schemes for their land and property development projects.