How to Contact Acer

With a call to Acer customer service number, you can learn about your order and delivery options. You might also want to call a member of the Acer customer service team if you are having difficulty processing a payment, or if you want to cancel an order.

Technical advice on any product is available via the Acer phone number, and it’s also ideal if you are having difficulty setting up an Acer computer.

Acer sales support can arrange a repair under the Acer guarantee, or the team can extend your warranty coverage. Extra cover for when travelling can be purchased for your Acer laptop.

For the green-minded techie, operators can advise on the safe recycling and disposal of an Acer device when it comes to the end of its life.

Demonstrating even greater vision, Acer mixed reality headsets are able to overlay computer graphics onto the real world using Windows Mixed Reality software, provided a high-performance computer is used. Acer products are sold through its UK website and leading electronic retailers such as Amazon and Curry’s.