How to Contact 123 Reg

With its range of marketing services including search engine optimisation and a local listing service that aims to rank your website higher in the search engines, many modern companies are turning to the likes of 123-reg to get a helping hand online. For added security, the company sells SSL certificates that boost your security reputation and can help get your site moved up the search engine rankings.

With a call to the 123-reg customer service number, you can discuss your domain name and hosting requirements. The company has a number of web hosting options, and the 123-reg customer service team will be able to advise you on which is the best option for your website.

The 123-reg phone number is also the place to go for invoice and account queries, and the technical support advisors on hand can answer queries about domain names and email services. Reassuringly, there are specialist advisors for VPS services and dedicated servers.

Other 123-reg customer service members will be able to answer queries on the Site Scanner, Instant Traffic and Website Creator services.